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Income Statement

thousands of euroNotes20122011
Other operating revenues5203,577210,189
Use of raw materials and consumables6(2,726,044)(2,440,086)
Service costs7(912,712)(870,486)
Personnel costs8(382,082)(369,996)
Amortisation, depreciation and allowances9(326,589)(310,325)
Other operating costs10(46,827)(39,830)
Capitalised costs1133,37249,324
Operating profit 335,443334,470
Portion of profits (losses) pertaining to associated companies125,4056,260
Financial income13114,60892,483
Financial expense13(248,714)(211,987)
Financial income (expense), net (128,701)(113,244)
Other operating revenues (non-recurring)146,6670
Pre-tax profit 213,409221,226
Income taxes for the period15(79,051)(94,471)
of which non-recurring  18,2177,567
Net profit for the period 134,358126,755
Attributable to:   
Shareholders of Parent Company 118,658104,590
Non-controlling shareholders 15,70022,165
Earnings per share15.1  
basic 0.1080.094
diluted 0.1020.090


thousands of euro20122011
Net profit/(loss) for the period 134,358126,755
Changes in the fair value of derivatives for the year 3,2884,642
Tax effect relating to other components of the Statement of Comprehensive Income(846)(1,216)
Change in the fair value of derivatives for the year for companies measured with the equity method190307
Total comprehensive income/(loss) for the period 136,990130,488
Attributable to:  
Shareholders of the Parent Company121,461108,698
Non-controlling  shareholders15,52921,790